Microsoft Azure DNS

Having reviewed Azure DNS, I am glad to say a vital important service has become available as Azure service. It is an internet facing service for DNS domains and hosted on Azure’s DNS servers. Domain name purchasing is not currently supported. Azure`s name servers uses anycast routing to assure the best possible performance and availability.

Let me give some details about pricing. It does not entail upfront cost, termination fee. You are going to pay for what you use. Additional details about pricing are depicted below.


Azure powershell, Azure portal(gui) or cross-platform CLI are options for managing the Azure DNS service. In my opinion, configuration and usage are pretty simple :)

At first, I will use GUI to create a zone. You need to login to the management portal to proceed.

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Want to move your WordPress blog to the AWS EC2?

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If you have been running your wordpress blog on a hosting provider and want to move for several reasons like slow performance , lack of control etc. , AWS EC2 would be a nice solution. Do not be afraid of not being familiar to the AWS. As it offers you free tier usage, you can  assess AWS services for one long year :)

If you go on reading, I presume you want to move your wordpress content management system to the AWS EC2 which will not be a tough process.


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Microsoft Azure StorSimple Virtual Array

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StorSimple Virtual Array is a virtual device which can be deployed on-premises and referred on-premises virtual array or virtual appliance. I’ll shorten it as OVA, on-premises virtual array. It is a storage solution that manages storage tasks between the on-premises virtual appliance running in your hypervisor and Microsoft Azure cloud storage and helps you to diminish the storage costs. Besides, it is particularly matched for your remote or branch offices storage needs.

In fact, this is AWS Storage Gateway like Microsoft Azure Storage service and most of the feature are same. You can review my AWS Storage Gateway blog.ış-aydoğmuşoğlu?trk=pulse_spock-articles .

I want to mention further details of the StorSimple Virtual Array(OVA)

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AWS Route 53

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In my opinion, most of AWS services have been named deliberately and cleverly to imply the purpose of them. I was very surprised when I first read that name. Ingenious naming! Yes, it routes something related to 53 :) Handy and scalable name resolution service.

It is not only a DNS service but also it can be used to register or transfer domain names. Furthermore, you may have exceptional benefits by using AWS Route 53 and other AWS web services together. For example, you can map custom domain names to Elastic Beanstalk environments.
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AWS Certificate Manager (ACM)

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As IT guys know, SSL/TLS certificates are key elements for the Web sites which are in need of meeting security compliance requirements like PCI-DSS, etc. I will not mention of provisioning process of SSL certificates in this blog post but we all know that it has not been a short process.

I was excited when I first read the blog about the general availability of AWS Certificate Manager web service. You can obtain SSL/TLS certificate from AWS’ Certificate Authority and easily deploy them for use with your AWS services such as ELB and CloudFront distribution. Furthermore, it is for free :) Do not you think that it is really cool!

Let’s look at the configuration. Firstly, you need to request a certificate.

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