AWS Certificate Manager (ACM)

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As IT guys know, SSL/TLS certificates are key elements for the Web sites which are in need of meeting security compliance requirements like PCI-DSS, etc. I will not mention of provisioning process of SSL certificates in this blog post but we all know that it has not been a short process.

I was excited when I first read the blog about the general availability of AWS Certificate Manager web service. You can obtain SSL/TLS certificate from AWS’ Certificate Authority and easily deploy them for use with your AWS services such as ELB and CloudFront distribution. Furthermore, it is for free 🙂 Do not you think that it is really cool!

Let’s look at the configuration. Firstly, you need to request a certificate.

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AWS WorkMail

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Building and maintaining the e-mail systems have mostly been expensive and time consuming, especially for individuals who just wants to use his or her personal e-mail domain as well as the corporations. At this point, hosting services are an option but you should choose the most suitable one for your needs. The option you choose should be compatible with mobile devices and different e-mail client application, etc. . Not to mention security best practices and standards it has to be achieved.

I assessed AWS’ WorkMail web service several months ago as preview user which has now been generally available in some regions including Oregon, Ireland,Northern Virginia since the 4th, January. In my opinion, it is one of the worth-to-evaluate web services that AWS serves 🙂

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