Archiving Exchange Server 2013 with Enterprise Vault 10 (en-US)


Hello all,

In this article I want to cover the steps of configuring Enterprise Vault for Exchange Server 2013 archiving. In fact I prepared a personal configuration guide and I want to share it. If you have any recommendation, it would be nice for me to update the guide. Anyway, let`s rock ­čÖé

Firstly I want to explain my test environment.

VMware Fusion as virtualization software

One Domain Controller (Windows Server 2012 Datacenter)

One Exchange Server 2013 installed on Windows Server 2012 Domain Controller

One Certificate Authority installed on Domain Controller

One SQL Server 2008 R2 (I will install Enterprise Vault on this server)

One Windows 7 Client with MS Office Pro Plus 2013 installed

FQDN of exchange server and domain controller:

FQDN of sql server and enterprise vault:

Let`s configure the server which we want to install Enterprise Vault 10.

At this stage I assume that;

– SQL Server is properly configured

– Vault Admin Account is properly created and configured with sufficient permissions

Log on to EV server with Vault Admin Account. I will explicitly warn you when you need to log on to Exchange Server.

1- To improve server performance, change the TEMP folder location.

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msHowto T├╝ketici Elektroni─či Etkinli─či , ka├ž─▒rmadan yerinizi ay─▒rt─▒n…


2013 senesinin ilk etkinli─či ile kar┼č─▒n─▒zday─▒z. T├╝m g├╝n hem hepberaber e─členmek hemde,┬áXBOX, Kinect, Windows Phone, Microsoft Live Servisler, Windows 8, Office 2013 ve Sistem G├╝venli─či konular─▒nda anlat─▒mlar─▒n yap─▒laca─č─▒ etkinli─čimize davetlisiniz!┬áBu yeni teknolojileri MSHOWTO’dan ve de─čerli MVP’lerimizden dinleyin.

Unutmay─▒n, XBOX odas─▒nda t├╝m g├╝n Kinect ile oyunlar, yeni Windows Phone cihazlar, ├žekili┼č ile hediyeler ve yeni teknolojilerin anlat─▒laca─č─▒ uzun bir g├╝n sizi bekliyor. Acele edin, yerinizi al─▒n.



Kay─▒t olmak i├žin t─▒klay─▒n

Office 2010 rearm

Merhaba ,

Office 2010ÔÇÖunuzun deneme s├╝resi bittiyse, sat─▒n alana kadar ki s├╝re├žte denemeye devam etmek i├žin aktivasyonu limitli say─▒da 30 g├╝n ├Âteleyebilirsiniz. ─░┼čletim sistemi deneme s├╝resinde oldu─ču gibiÔÇŽ. Kullanman─▒z gereken executable a┼ča─č─▒dad─▒r.

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Symantec Security Information Manager 4.8, Role Based Access Control

Hello all,

In this article I want to cover Role Management in SSIM 4.8. In my previous article I mentioned about SSIM 4.8 setup and license installation. You can access that article via .


Navigate to System > Administration > Roles

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Symantec Security Information Manager 4.8 Installation

Hello all,

In this article I want to cover the steps of fresh installation of SSIM 4.8 product on a virtual machine. As virtualization software I use VMware Fusion 5. I assume that you have an Active Directory Domain because I have ­čÖé . By the way this is my personnel guide for fresh installation. If you have any other recommendations it would be most welcome.

1- Create a regular VM

2- As a note:

a. Min memory requirement is 4 GB

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Enterprise Vault Mobile Search (en-US)


Hello ,

In this article I want to cover the steps for configuring Enterprise Vault Mobile Search. Symantec Enterprise Vault Mobile Search lets you search for and view Exchange archived emails and their attachments from the Internet browser on your mobile device.

The main difference between Mobile Search and a typical configuration of Enterprise Vault on your office network is that Mobile Search only provides viewing option. For example, you cannot reply to or forward an archived email directly, or save an attachment as a file. Mobile Search finds only archived emails.

If we consider server (virtual server/machine) requirements for this feature to be taken into account for the establishment, we can say that this is a “zero” cost method .

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