Symantec Security Information Manager 4.8 Installation

Hello all,

In this article I want to cover the steps of fresh installation of SSIM 4.8 product on a virtual machine. As virtualization software I use VMware Fusion 5. I assume that you have an Active Directory Domain because I have ­čÖé . By the way this is my personnel guide for fresh installation. If you have any other recommendations it would be most welcome.

1- Create a regular VM

2- As a note:

a. Min memory requirement is 4 GB

b. Min disk space requirement 50 GB

c. Otherwise installation will be canceled.


3- clip_image002

4- This is my first/fresh installation and I use a generic type, type=1

5- clip_image004

6- Accept the agreement.

7- Go on with next buttonÔÇŽ

8- clip_image006

9- Fill all of the boxes with proper values related to your environment.

10- clip_image008

11- Wizard will ask for your domain.

12- clip_image010

13- Fill with the proper domain name and press next button.

14- clip_image012

15- Installation will begin.

16- After installation completes virtual machine will be rebooted.

17- clip_image014

18- Configuration and component installation will begin.

19- clip_image015

20- Configuration continues as shown above.

21- After configuration and component installation done, ssim server will be rebooted again. After that you can login to ssim server with its https address.

22- clip_image016

23- You can use https://IP_Address_of_SSIM_Server or http://SSIM_Server_FQDN .

24- In my environment address is

25- Username is administrator. Password is the password that was created earlier during the installation.

26- clip_image018

27- As we can see at above, first of all we need a valid license.

28- clip_image020

29- Importing a valid license file than you can see the date interval like shown above.

30- You can download the client under the download menu as shown below.

31- clip_image022

32- Before switching to SSIM Client you may want to run liveupdate under the maintenance menu.

33- Now you can begin configuring SSIM for event collection.

This is the end. I hope this is informative for you.

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